Services Include

Permanent staffing – Before we start searching for the right candidate, we first try to understand our clients need and then undertake comprehensive research on the employees list. We screen qualified candidates as per our clients business need and make sure that the right candidate is sent to our clients’ location to help them achieve their business objectives. Our permanent recruiting process is full-fledged and we ensure that we present our clients the best candidates with the fastest turnaround time.  

Executive Search – Our executive search helps organizations to easily find the top ranking executives who will enable sustainable changes in your business to bring better results and expected RIO. We conduct executive recruitment for A – level, B-Level, and C-levels. We have highly knowledgeable professionals who can serve for any level going through a rapid growth phase. Based on your requirement our team will coordinate with you and work closely with your decision-makers to understand their need as this will help us to find the best talent at the senior management levels to ensure smooth execution of your business strategies.

Database Selection – Market demands, tough deadlines, and new initiatives are troubling organizations to get the right candidate hired. Once the candidate is hired how fast he can adjust and adapt the inner processes is another concern for the organizations today, as repeating the whole process of recruiting another candidate is making them all worried.   Recruiting the right manpower will always lead your business and make your business more agile, competitive and flexible. Our database selection solutions help to deliver the qualified people you need. We at Sky Information Systems (SkyInfosys) make sure that our recruiting process is designed to find skilled individuals who can add value in your organization from day one. Through our huge and qualified database and national network, we have unmatched contact to a pool of talent in a wide variety of verticals.  

Contract Staffing – When you are bogged down with the numbers and the headcount requirements and looking out for extra candidates to support your project. Then we are there to service you at any time. We go extra mileage for you and hunt for the right candidate who can value your business needs and help you deliver the right input. Our contract staffing model varies client to client and is flexible enough to help them at any given time.